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I'm Wayne and I like to play games (don't we all?). The only difference is I am not very good at it... So, I decided to share some of these moments in the magic of cyberspace for others to enjoy (maybe).

You can catch my videos and live streams on YouTube or Twitch and if you enjoy the content be sure to follow/subscribe to stay up to date with the latest adventures.


I livestream GTA 5, as a police officer in LSPDFR on Fridays and Sundays. The best bits are then made into 10 minute compilations as well as YouTube #shorts.

My latest video:

My latest video:

I like to play other games, usually sticking to open world, simulation, driving or survival genres including; Kerbal Space Program, Euro Truck Simulator, Grid Autosport, Subsistence, Rust and sometimes Minecraft with my kids.

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